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OH, NO! I Gotta Go To The Dentist! answers questions many children have before a visit to the dentist helping them overcome anxieties many experience.
Tooth Fairy Activities
Our Tooth Fairy Express activities, coloring pages and games challenge and engage your child at home, or while waiting at the dentist's office.
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Download our Tooth Fairy Express certificates and rewards. Give them as a way to celebrate and document your child's accomplishments and milestones.

A Tooth Fairy Tale – Comes True

Once upon a time in a land not so far away, lived a dental hygienist who absolutely loved to teach children how to take care of their smiles so that they could happily smile forever after. Her favorite part of being a dental hygienist included using special tools that helped to make teeth healthy and strong. However, sometimes children were anxious, that means a little bit afraid, to see the dentist, and when that happened, it made the usually happy hygienist very sad. Well, one day, when she was helping a little boy who was terribly afraid to visit the dentist, the happy hygienist told him a magical fairy tale all about the tools she used to help little children keep their smiles bright and their teeth healthy. Well, the little boy enjoyed the story so much that he forgot that he was suppose to be afraid at the dentist and that was the exact moment when Tooth Fairy Express was born.

  • Use the Tooth Fairy Express website to help your child(ren) become more prepared for his/her dental appointment. Print our FAQ’s page which includes commonly asked questions kids ask about the dentist.
  • Print your child’s favorite coloring pages, games or worksheets at the ToothFairyExpress.com and keep them busy while waiting to be seen at the dentist’s office.
  • Oh, No! I Gotta Go To The Dentist! is a fun loving story written to help children overcome the anxieties they may experience before a visit to the dentist.
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